Hovercraft Driven First Responders


First Responders Hover Craft

The First Responders Choice

First responders throughout the world have come to concede that the hovercraft is the only rescue vehicle in a position to carry out quick, safe rescue functions on swift water, wafer-thin or broken ice, flooding waters and snowfall.

Since it safely and securely floats 9 inches above the surface, a hovercraft helps keep the rescue team above the danger– not in it– and provides rescuers easy access to locations a craft or helicopter can not get to.

However the Neoteric Hovertrek-Rescue is not simply another rescue hovercraft. Its exceptional abilities have rendered it the industry benchmark.

Neoteric’s customer base currently reaches 50 countries and includes the United States Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security; National Parks Services; airport Police/Fire/EMS services; and Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments all over the world.

A Rescue Hovercraft with Effective Brakes

In search and rescue operations, frequently backing up is the only real escape. Neoteric’s patented reverse propulsion system gives the Hovertrek-Rescue the extraordinary capability to brake, hover in position, and retreat at in excess of 25 mph. Neoteric is the only hovercraft producer to offer this kind of critical characteristic.

Neoteric’s rescue hovercraft are additionally the lightest and quietest production hovercraft in the sector.

A Hovercraft Rescue With Equipment Options

The Hovertrek-Rescue is offered with a comprehensive array of features and full of a first responders rescue equipment choices consisting of stretcher mounts, light bars, searchlights, GPS systems, VHF marine radios, cold water immersion suits and life vests, throw bags and wireless communication headsets.

Each Hovertrek-Rescue is constructed to customer requirements, and is guaranteed for its life-time.

First Responders Hovercraft Equipment

Avoid A Winter Rescue With These Simple Safety Tips

Winter season is fast approaching and along with the cold conditions come ice and winter sports. Amongst the more favored winter sports are ice fishing, ice skating and sledding.

Those people that have grown up on some of the numerous lakes in Michiana understand just how much fun all these kinds of winter activities are.

With extensive hillsides around the lake embankments, many youngsters enjoy sledding down them to the iced-over lake below whilsts others choose to flaunt their talents with a figure 8 or race their friends on ice skates.

Then there is one of the most popular winter season activity amongst Michiganders– ice fishing. It is thought of by many as being an incredibly relaxing way to spend the day.

Merely strolling on the ice can be a unique experience, particularly when the snow covers the view of what exists beneath. Like any activities, safety and security ought to be the number one concern when on the ice.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recommends people that venture out on the ice this winter to “stay away from dark spots or areas where the snow appears discolored.”

Important rules to follow when on the ice include:

  • Never go out onto the ice alone.
  • Inform somebody exactly where you are heading as well as when you anticipate to come back.
  • Always test the ice
  • Take the proper emergency items, for example, a lifejacket and ice picks.
  • Have a mobile phone in the event that you have to contact for help.
  • Wear your warmest wintertime clothing.
  • Pack a Thermos along with hot coffee, chocolate or tea.

Despite the fact that lake goers might presume the threat of drowning is much more common through the summertime months, drowning is the seventh major reason for accidental loss of life in the United States, even in the winter.

Always be aware, always be safe!